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The Website of Eric Mirlis
Welcome to the world of The Mirl.

Thanks for visiting my website. For those who don’t know me, I
am sure there are lots of questions about why I started my own
site. So, let me try to answer them—

I am 42 and live in Plainview, New York with my wife Keri, our son
David (born 3/9/09) and our two cats, Fox and Frank (RIP Jerry
4/8/06). Most recently, I was Managing Editor of
(employed by CBS College Sports) and I occasionally freelance for
FOX Sports and MSG Radio Network (among others) as a
statistician. In addition, my first book, entitled "Being There", hit
shelves in Spring of 2007. I have been in sports since college and,
in previous lives, worked full-time for both the NBA (1996 to 2003)
and the New York Islanders (1991 to 1996).

The idea really blossomed from e-mails I was sending home to
friends and family while I was working at the Olympics in Athens,
Greece in 2004 (
available here). Rather than having to tell
everyone the same stories repeatedly when I got home, I decided
instead to send a daily e-mail detailing my activities and stories
each day. The response I got was overwhelming. I was told again
and again how much fun the e-mails were and how people were
looking forward to getting them. I enjoyed writing them, so I
figured, let’s do it again.

That brings me here, where I can write about anything and
everything I want to – from my pet peeves to the games I work to
random observations I have during the day. But this is going to be
about more than just my ramblings. There is a lot to celebrate in
my life and that will all be covered here. Just explore and have

Why not? Look at my name. It makes sense, no? Friends and
family have called me Mirl since I can remember - it was even on
my license plates when I had a car (no need to have one now
while living in NYC). So, I say it again - Why not?

I was raised in Kings Park, New York, which is on the North
Shore of Suffolk County on Long Island. I graduated from Kings
Park HS in 1987 and went on to New York University, where I
graduated in 1991 with a degree in Broadcast Journalism. It was
while at NYU that I discovered the world of sports broadcasting
and journalism. I got involved at both the newspaper and radio
station, but that eventually became radio only and, by my senior
year, I was Sports Director of WNYU. I also did internships at
NBC Sports (1989) and WFAN (1990). After graduation, I quickly
realized that broadcasting wasn't really for me, but I wanted to
stay in sports. After a few months of job hunting, I landed in the
Media Relations Department of my favorite team growing up, the
New York Islanders. I spent five years with the Isles (1991-96)
before heading into Manhattan and the NBA League Office in the
Basketball Operations Department for seven years (1996-2003)
and then a wild and wacky run with CSTV/CBS College
Sports/CBS Interactive as Editor and Senior Editor of
and then Managing Editor of (2004-2010). And that
takes us to where we are now - back to life as a freelancer.

So that is the quickie bio. There are some fun stories, many of
which I will be sharing over the days, months and, hopefully,
years to come. I look forward to entertaining everyone.

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