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News, notes and nuggets:
--On Nov. 14, 2004, I worked my 100th NFL game for FOX. Click here to see the full list of
football games I have worked.
--During the 2001-02 NBA, a project I was working on enabled me to see a game in every NBA
arena. The full list of all arenas and stadiums I've been to is right
--I have worked with some of the biggest names in the world of sports broadcasting.
Here is
the list.
How I got started:
I worked at the radio station at NYU and interned in the Summer and Fall of 1989 at NBC
Sports, but the first paying job I had in sports was in the Summer of 1990. I was the
Associate Producer for "Mets Extra" on WFAN. What makes the story so much fun is who I
was working with - or, more importantly, how I stand out from this group. I was scheduled to
start an internship at the FAN in the Fall, but during the Summer, this spot opened up. My
friend Kenny Albert was doing the job, but was leaving to take an on air as the voice of the
AHL's Baltimore Skipjacks. He suggested to the powers that be at FAN that I take his spot.
And so it began. I started working at Shea Stadium at all Mets home games. The host of the
show was Howie Rose, who is now the radio voice of the Mets and TV voice of the Islanders.
The producer in the studio was Ian Eagle, now with CBS Sports and the TV voice of the New
Jersey Nets. Our updates were done by Steve Levy, now at ESPN. And Kenny now does
football and baseball for FOX Sports and New York Rangers radio. So I ask this - Which of
the names in this story doesn't belong?
Top 5 moments I have seen in person:

1. David Volek's goal (May 14, 1993) - Game Seven, Patrick Division Finals. I was in my
second season in the Islanders Media Relations Department and was in Pittsburgh for this
one. The Isles were heavy series underdogs against the two-time defending Stanley Cup
Champs, and that was before leading scorer Pierre Turgeon was injured in the previous series
against the Washington Capitals by a Dale Hunter cheap shot. The win sent us to Montreal
immediately after the game for Game One of the Conference Finals around 36 hours later. To
this day, the greatest night of my professional life.

2. Argentina defeats USA in Olympic basketball (August 27, 2004) - The historical impact
of this game will not be seen for quite some time. The emotional impact was felt immediately,
though. The USA was a heavy favorite in the tournament, despite losing two exhibition games
and two preliminary round games. After knocking off Spain in the Quarter-Finals, Argentina,
featuring Manu Ginobili, was waiting in the Semis, as was history. The 89-81 loss was the
first in the Olympics for USA teams featuring NBA players. Only time will show this games'

3. "The Dunk" (May 25, 1993) - I've never heard the Garden erupt like this. It was Game
Two of the Eastern Conference Finals, in the middle of the annual Knicks-Bulls playoff
series. When John Starks dunked over Horace Grant and Michael Jordan, MSG was possibly
the loudest it has ever been. "The Dunk" has been immortalized in pictures and posters and
remains one of the defining moments in Knick history.

4. Michael Jordan's double nickel (March 28, 1995) - A legend returns and puts on a
show. I remember working this game for MSG and, as Michael was on his way to 20 points in
the first quarter (and 35 in the first half), saying into my headset, "Does anyone have that
feeling we are seeing something special tonight?" We definitely were. It was his fifth game
back after his first retirement and he was wearing number 45, but it was the old Michael. I've
worked hundreds of NBA games, but have saved just one of my stat sheets. This one.

5. "Matteau, Matteau, Matteau!!!!" (May 27, 1994) - I'm not a Ranger fan and was actually
working for the Islanders at the time, but I can still recognize a great moment when I see it.
Double overtime, Game Seven, Eastern Conference Finals, Rangers versus Devils, Madison
Square Garden. This win sent the Rangers to the Stanley Cup Finals, where they finally won
a Stanley Cup. It inspired Howie Rose's call - one of the most famous radio calls in New York
sports history. And it sent the Garden into a frenzy rarely matched in New York.

Honorable mention--
Connors and Haarhuis play one of the most famous points in tennis history (Sept. 5, 1991)
Islanders defeat Rangers in overtime on Pierre Turgeon's 50th goal (Apr. 2, 1993)
Mark Messier's guaranteed win and hat trick (May 25, 1994)
New Jersey Devils win their first Stanley Cup (June 24, 1995)
Mark McGwire hits numbers 67 and 68 (Sept. 26, 1998)
Yankees set World Series record by scoring seven runs in an inning (Oct. 17, 1998)
San Antonio Spurs win their first NBA title (June 25, 1999)
Roger Clemens and Pedro Martinez in a pitcher's duel for the ages (May 28, 2000)
Sampras and Agassi - four sets, no service breaks, U.S. Open Quarters (Sept. 6, 2001)
Jets vs. Giants goes to the final play of overtime (Nov. 2, 2003)
Greece's Pyrros Dimas wins bronze in weightlifting (Aug. 22, 2004)
Kansas tops Memphis in the National Championship game (Apr. 7, 2008)
Mets and Cardinals go 18 scoreless innings, games ends in 20th (Apr. 17, 2010)