2011 Topps UFC Title Shot

What I pulled--
UFC Unlocked – One per pack
Gold Parallels – 23 different
Onyx Black Parallel – Miguel Torres (#182/188)
UFC Legacy – Evan Tanner, Mauricio Rua, Frank Mir, Brock Lesnar
Top 10 Title Fights – UFC 31 Couture vs. Rizzo, UFC 86 Griffin vs. Jackson, UFC 116 Lesnar vs. Carwin, UFC 52 Hughes vs.
Trigg, UFC 87 St-Pierre vs. Fitch, UFC 68 Couture vs. Sylvia
Championship Legacy – UFC 51 Tanner, UFC 68 Couture, UFC 116 Lesnar, UFC 43 Couture, UFC 31 Newton, UFC 12
Championship Legacy Onyx Black Parallel – UFC 112 Edgar (#75/88)
UFC Contenders – Michael Bisping, Jake Shields, Jim Miller, Kenny Florian
Fight Mat Relic – UFC 76 Mauricio Rua
Fighter Relic Onyx Black Parallel – Demian Maia (#39/88)
UFC Contenders Autograph – Dan Hardy (#67/188)
Ultimate Fighter Autograph – Chris Cope (#138/200)
Fighter Autograph Relic – Scott Jorgensen

Pardon the pun-filled review you are about to read, but any of the adjectives used to describe UFC are also
applicable to the new Topps UFC product Title Shot.

If you want to talk about a product that packs a punch, Topps has scored a knockout with their latest UFC
product. Featuring hard-hitting action shots, Title Shot scores a unanimous decision with how amazing
the pictures really are. The base card design is simple, but with all of the cards being action shots, and
the photos bleeding to the edges of the cards, these cards prove to be in a weight class of their own.

OK, I’ve proven my point. In all seriousness, these photos really are stunning, and capture the essence of
UFC, and are guaranteed to make Ultimate Fighting fans feel like they are inside the Octagon with the
fighters themselves. And even with all of the inserts, these cards are truly the star of the show.

Now, for those inserts. 16 cards per pack, 12 packs in a box, usually is a great recipe for breaking fun boxes, and this was no
exception. There are plenty of parallels (two per pack), plus run of the mill inserts like Championship Legacy. I like the old-
school feel of the UFC Legacy cards, with the cardboard texture. UFC Contenders, meanwhile, brings a little chrome into the
equation. Of course, there are plenty of hits in each box, with mine containing three autographs and two relics, and therefore
bringing a load of value to the break.

I’m not a big UFC guy, but I know a great product when I see one. The pictures Topps has used in Title Shot are just off the
charts, as far as I’m concerned, and that alone makes this a winning product. Add everything else in, and you’ve got a no-
brainer here........................

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