2011 Topps Update Series

What I pulled--
Series 1 and 2 Cognac Diamond Parallels – 29
Series 1 and 2 Canary Diamond Parallel – Ted Lilly (#10/60)
Update Series Gold Parallels – 15
Update Series Black Parallel – Michael Dunn (#15/60)
Update Series Diamond Parallels – 10
Update Series Cognac Diamond Parallels – 14
Topps 60 – Nolan Ryan, Paul Molitor, Kyle Drabek, Tom Seaver, Bert Blyleven, Tris Speaker, Rickey Henderson, Zach Britton,
Hank Aaron
Kimball Champions – Trevor Cahill, Cliff Lee, Alex Rodriguez, Luis Aparicio, Joe DiMaggio, Adrian Gonzalez, Curtis
Granderson, James Shields, Jimmie Foxx
Diamond Duos – Hank Aaron/Jose Bautista, Michael Pineda/Zach Britton, Craig Kimbrel/Julio Teheran, Felix
Hernandez/Michael Pineda, Buster Posey/Brian McCann
Toppstown.com – Francisco Rodriguez, Brian Wilson, Ian Desmond, Michael Young
Diamond Giveaway Code Cards – Jose Bautista, Cliff Lee, Adrian Gonzalez, Cal Ripken Jr., Victor Martinez, Carl Crawford
Leather Nameplate – Luis Aparicio #11y

Parallels. Lots and lots of parallels. That basically sums up what makes Topps Update Series a worthy
completion to the Topps base set this year.

And lots of parallels equals lots of fun.

Just look at my box breakdown above to see what I’m talking about. They aren’t just parallels from the

Update Series. There is a full set of new Cognac Diamond Parallels out there from Series 1 and 2 to
collect, and the coloring of the cards makes them just jump out at the collector. Add in the other parallels
that we’ve seen from the first two Series that are here for Update, as well, plus the new Canary Diamond
Parallels and some other, even tougher, lower-numbered pulls, and this is a box just brimming with value.

All of the other inserts carry over from Series 1 and 2, and the Leather Nameplate is a cool pull as the box hit. Of course, the
base cards are here, although with all of the parallels, they are almost overshadowed. Rest assured, however, that they are
just as good as the first two Series. But that is to be expected.

There is no doubt that this is a box that is loads of fun to break. And that, at the end of the day, is what it is all about. There is no
reason to lower the perfect grade I’ve given Series 1 and 2........................

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