2011 Topps Pro Debut Series 1

What I pulled--
Blue Parallels (#ed to 309) – Carlos Perez, Jose Dore, Alex Lavisky, Jonathan Singleton, Matt Dominguez, Drew Robinson,
Trayce Thompson
Gold Parallel – Yordano Ventura (#10/50)
Chrome Refractor – Drake Britton (#20/799)
Single-A All-Stars – Corban Joseph, Rich Poythress, Casey Haerther, Tyson Auer, Jeff Locke, Rafael Ynoa
Double-A All-Stars – John Drennan, Johnny Giavotella, Trystan Magnuson, Carlos Triunfel, Brett Lawrie, Corey Brown
Triple-A All-Stars – Brandon Dickson, Matt Miller
Minor League Materials – Jerry Sands, Brett Jackson
Solo Signatures – Thomas Field
Side By Side – Chris Parmalee/Chris Marrero
Topps Debut Cuts – Ethan Martin (#6/130)

After a successful two series debut in 2010, Topps Pro Debut is back for a second go-round, bringing the
minor leagues to collectors.

There is nothing fancy about Pro Debut, just minor league players on cards featuring the 2011 Topps

design. That simplicity is one of the biggest reasons why the set works so well. Great photos coupled with
a wonderful design usually end up with a positive result. Of course, there is more to Pro Debut than just

Inserts and parallels abound in a box. The blue parallels are the most common, with lower numbered

colors following. Single, Double and Triple-A All Star cards are found throughout, as well. Then, there are
the relic cards and, most importantly, the autographs. Each box promises two autos per box, and I was
lucky enough to beat the odds and get three, including one dual autograph and one cut autograph.

One other design note I wanted to come back to is the logos. The design, as has been the case over the last few years with
the Topps main set, incorporates team logos into the card, this year doing it even better than usual. That plays really well with
these cards, since many people, myself included, simply love minor league logos. These cards bring those to collectors as
much as they bring the players to everyone.

Are there any down notes to Pro Debut? I’m not really sure there are. It isn’t for every collector, since these are minor league
players, of course. But if you like getting early cards of some of the top prospects in the game, then you cannot go wrong with a
box (or more).

If I suggest buying multiple boxes, as I just did, then I think a big grade is appropriate.......................

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