2011 Topps Marquee

What I pulled--
Pack 1:
Base cards – Carlos Gonzalez, Ubaldo Jimenez, Jered Weaver
Copper Parallel – Mark Teixeira (#88/199)
Gametime Mementos Quad Patch – Rollie Fingers (#5/5)

Pack 2:
Base cards – Zach Britton, Tris Speaker, David Wright
Blue Parallel – Whitey Ford (#252/299)
Acclaimed Impressions Autographed Dual Swatch – Brandon Belt (#125/400)

Pack 3:
Base cards – Carl Crawford, Josh Hamilton, Cy Young
Red Parallel – Whitey Ford
Titanic Threads Jumbo Swatch – Ryan Howard (#36/99)

Pack 4:
Base cards – Roy Campanella, Ozzie Smith, Robinson Cano
Blue Parallel – Andre Ethier (#156/299)
Copper Parallel – Joe Mauer (#32/199)
Monumental Markings Autograph – Tyson Ross (#515/600)

Now here’s a high priced product I can get my arms around.

With a price point of $45 or so per pack, Topps Marquee makes its debut, and makes a solid one,

at that. A notch below the price of products like Triple threads, Marquee makes the big hit a little
more attainable for collectors. With four packs of five cards per box, and one hit per pack, there is
a vast array of reasonably easy to pull hits to make that pack price much easier to stomach.

The base cards are straight forward, with glossy pictures and at least one numbered parallel per

pack (hello, 1 of 1!!!). But these packs are about the hit, plain and simple. Each pack had a different type, so I’ll focus on the

In Pack 1, I pulled an amazing quad patch numbered to 5 of Hall of Famer Rollie Fingers (see picture). That one is self-
explanatory. In Pack 2, I pulled an autographed dual relic of one of the more collected rookies this season, Brandon Belt. In
Pack 3, it was a huge (albeit it boring white) swatch from Ryan Howard, while the final pack had the guaranteed on-card
autograph, this one of Tyson Ross.

As you can see, the names featured in the hits run the gamut from rookies to current stars to legends. One of the autographs
is guaranteed to be on the card. All of the various sets have multiple parallels and variations, be it auto or non-auto, number of
swatches per card, patches and many others. There are some dual autos out there, as well.

High end products are not for everyone – we all know that. However, this one is priced low enough to make it a little more
attractive and available, and I think Topps just might have hit the right formula with Marquee. This is a good one, and from what
I’ve seen, this is siply an average box. There are big hits out there, go get them........................

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