2011 Topps Heritage Minor League

What I pulled--
Minor League All-Star short prints – Josh Zeid, Kyle Gibson, Carlos Perez, Jeff Locke, Matt Harvey, Jacob Turner
Red Tint Parallels (#ed to 620) – Andrew Oliver, Hunter Morris
Blue Tint Parallels (#ed to 620) – Nick Bucci, Drake Britton, Carlos Perez
Green Tint Parallels (#ed to 620) – Kolbrin Vitek, Anthony Ranaudo
Black Framed Parallel – Jeff Locke Minor League All-Star (#23/62)
Clubhouse Collection relic – Andrelton Simmons
Real One Autographs – Austin Adams (exchange), Stefan Welch

Topps incorporates one of its current lines into one f its new products, combining the beloved Heritage
into their Minor League cards. The result is the obviously names Topps Heritage Minor League. The
classic 1962 “woodie” design, which we saw earlier this year with the base Heritage product, is back for
another go-round, this time featuring minor leaguers, from Bryce Harper to Mike Trout with everyone in

This is a straightforward product, much like the base Topps Pro Debut released earlier this year. There

are plenty of short-prints and parallels included here, however, that add a little kick to the sauce. There are
three different colored tinted parallels, along with black framed parallels. The tinted cards are plentiful, the
black frame, not as much. All enhance the look of the design, however, and are solid pulls.

Each box has three hits, including a pair of autos and a run of the mill relic (boo on the exchange for the auto, however – this
isn’t a product that should have those). Again, solid, but straightforward.

One other quibble. I wasn’t a fan of the stock of these cards. They are a heavier stock, but the fronts felt a little slippery when
opening packs. The Heritage line fronts usually have enough texture to them where they aren’t sliding when going through th e
cards. Not sure why that was happening here, but that is also just a minor point.

All in all, this was, well, straightforward. Solid, unspectacular, yet eminently collectible........................

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