2011 Topps Chrome

What I pulled--
Refractors – Lance Berkman, Matt Cain, Ike Davis, Kendrys Morales, Brian McCann, Todd Helton, Jacoby Ellsbury, Clay
Atomic Refractors – Jake McGee (#104/225), Chad Billingsley (#167/125)
Black Refractor – Yovani Gallardo (#79/100)
Sepia Tone Refractor – C.J. Wilson (#34/99)
1996 Vintage Chrome – Nelson Cruz, Derek Jeter, Tsuyoshi Nishioka, David Price
Heritage Chrome (#ed to 1962) – Derek Jeter double play, Nick Markakis, Brent Morel
Heritage Chrome Refractor – Scott Cousins (#477/562)
Autograph – Darwin Barney
Blue Refractor Autograph – Freddie Freeman (exchange)

I’ve always said everything is better on Chrome, and with the 2011 edition of Topps Chrome here, my
feeling hasn’t changed.

We all know about the Chrome technology by now, so let’s move past that and talk about the cards. The

gorgeous design of the base 2011 set looks even better on Chrome. The white borders simply pop. No
other way to say it. These cards just pop. And the removal of the white border on the Refractors is a nice
touch, as well, since it allows the less-experienced collector to tell the difference between the cards

Of course, all of the different parallels are here as well, with the various colors as usual allowing player

collectors to collect the “rainbow”. This year, there is a neat touch with the addition of the sepia tone
Refractor, as well. The usual Heritage inserts are here, too, and the 1962 design, unsurprisingly, looks great on Chrome. I
also like the 1996 design cards, with today’s stars on the 15-year-old layout.

Hits? Two autos per box are here (not thrilled about the exchange card, but if this is to ensure an on-card autograph, I’m fine
with that, especially considering the player I pulled for the exchange).

Any complaints? No. Not really. Even last year’s issue with the printing quality are gone. And what does that mean?

It means go grab some, even if it is from a retail store like Target (where they have Orange Refractors included in rack packs).
This is a really, really nice product........................

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