2011 Topps Series 2

What I pulled--
Topps Town – Lance Berkman, Pedro Alvarez, Hunter Pence, Victor Martinez, Adam Dunn, Clay Buchholz
Diamond Parallels – Mark DeRosa, Everth Cabrera, Paul Janish, Franklin Gutierrez, Adam Wainwright, Melky Cabrera, Shane
Victorino, Jordan Zimmermann, Cole Hamels
Gold Parallels (#ed to 2011) – Kelly Johnson, Edwin Jackson, Jhonny Peralta, Rod Barajas
Black Parallel – Juan Francisco (#3/60)
Diamond Duos – Roy Halladay/Roy Oswalt, Carl Crawford/Jacoby Ellsbury, Ryan Zimerman/Jayson Werth, Clayton
Kershaw/Madison Bumgarner, Ryan Braun/Carlos Gonzalez, Troy Tulowitzki/Ubaldo Jimenez, Alex Rodriguez/Evan Longoria,
Albert Pujols/Matt Holliday, Buster Posey/Neftali Feliz
Topps 60 – Eddie Mathews, Walter Johnson, Roberto Alomar, Tom Seaver, Mark Teixeira, Jorge Posada, Johnny Bench,
Andrew McCutchen, Chris Carpenter
60 Years of Topps – Ron Guidry, Jackie Robinson, Richie Ashburn, Larry Walker, Andre Dawson, Craig Biggio, Stan Musial,
Roy Halladay, Don Sutton, Manny Ramirez, Alex Rodriguez/Derek Jeter
60 Years of Topps Original Back – Johnny Bench
Before There Was Topps – T201, Goudey
Kimball Champions – Jim Palmer, Don Mattingly, Luis Aparicio, Stan Musial, Johnny Bench, Babe Ruth, Tony Gwynn, Whitey
Ford, Roger Maris
Diamond Stars – Carl Crawford, Matt Holliday, Evan Longoria, Ichiro, Adrian Gonzalez, Hanley Ramirez
Diamond Giveaway – Mike Schmidt, Kevin Youkilis, Nolan Ryan (2), Jason Heyward, Buster Posey, Joe Mauer
Prime 9 – #7, #8
Topps 60 Relic – Josh Beckett white jersey

What can you say about Topps Series 2 that hasn’t already been said about Topps Series 1?

How about this…it might be even better.

The 2011 Topps set is one of the best in recent memory. That we already know, with beautiful base cards,

outstanding parallels, killer inserts and more. But not, with a couple of tweaks, Series 2 might outdo its

Take the Diamond Stars insert. These gorgeous cards take the diamond parallel look we see in both

series and incorporates it into one of the most visual attractive insert sets in recent memory. Then there is
the Prime 9 redemption insert, where you can take your redemption to your local hobby store during a given
week and get a card that is available for that one week only. It is little things like this that give Series 2 a little extra special vibe
to it. Not that it wasn’t there in Series 1, but I think it is even more prevalent this time around.

The stuff that made Series 1 so awesome has all returned, of course. Diamond Giveaway codes, Topps 60, Kimball
Champions, 60 Years of Topps and more are all back for more goodness, as is the plethora of different possible relic and
autograph subsets (regular hobby boxes have one hit per box). I will admit I’m also happy to see that the Topps Town inserts
have been scaled back a bit from one per pack to one in every four packs.

Yeah, I gave Series 1 an A+ and, basically, I won’t give a grade higher than that, so we all know what the grade is already. If I
could top that, I would, however. This is a product that is a great follow up to a wonderful product. Go and get some, and kick
back and enjoy the break........................

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