2011 Topps Football

What I pulled--
Gold Parallels (#ed to 2011) – David Harris, James Starks, Kris Dielman
Black Parallel – Antrel Rolle (#31/55)
Topps Town – Larry Fitzgerald, A.J. Green, Rashard Mendenhall, Mark Ingram, Greg Jennings
Bowman Mini – Emmanuel Sanders, Ryan Williams, Troy Polamalu, Von Miller, Alex Green, Eli Manning, Mike Thomas, Larry
Fitzgerald, Dez Bryant, Kendall Hunter, Jason Avant, Maurice Jones-Drew
Game Day – Dan Marino, Roddy White, Maurice Jones-Drew, Matt Ryan, Charles Woodson, Percy Harvin, Rashard
Mendenhall, Drew Brees, Fred Biletnikoff
Super Bowl Legends – Deion Branch, Richard Dent, Larry Brown, Fred Biletnikoff, Joe Namath, Joe Montana
Faces of the Franchise – Peyton Manning/Reggie Wayne, Josh Freeman/Mike Williams, Matt Forte/Greg Olson, Sam
Bradford/Steven Jackson, Dez Bryant/Jason Witten, Adrian Peterson/Percy Harvin, Blaine Gabbert/Maurice Jones-Drew, Matt
Ryan/Roddy White, Ben Roethlisberger/Troy Polamalu
Super Bowl Legends Giveaway – Terry Bradshaw, Joe Montana, Joe Namath, Drew Brees, Jerry Rice, Aaron Rodgers
Game Day Autograph – Chad Greenway

As I’ve said many times when talking about the Topps base set, regardless of the sport, no one does
these sets like Topps. And they are at it again with the 2011 edition of Topps Football.

Unlike the previously released Topps Rising Rookies, the NFL lockout did not get in the way of Topps
making an outstanding set. While we all know that has as much to do with the company’s strengths as it
does the state of the game, nevertheless, Topps worked around what could have been a back-breaking
impediment and made a product worth breaking and a set worth building.

The base cards are the same as they are for 2011 Baseball, and the design works just as nicely for
Football. From there, the array of inserts is dizzying, with at least one, and almost always more, coming in
each pack. From the simplicity of Game Day to the incorporation of historical sets with the Bowman minis
to the plethora of legends in the Legends (and other) sets, there is undeniably something for everyone. Throw in another code-
based giveaway and this set is as good as it gets from Topps. I even pulled an autograph from a base set, which, given my
usual luck, very rarely happens!

I usually let the set do the talking when it comes to base sets for Topps. There really isn’t much to say outside of, “This is a
great product”.

This is a great product........................

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