2011 Topps Supreme Football

What I pulled--
Base Cards – Stevan Ridley (#138/429), Emmitt Smith (#383/429)
Purple Parallel – Torrey Smith (#39/75)
Autographed Magenta Printing Plate – Cam Newton

As we all know, high-end products are serious crap shoots. In a one-hit product, the hit usually makes or
breaks the overall opinion of the product.

So excuse me if I love Supreme Football.

OK, let’s come back to Earth. The hit I mention above (see picture to the right) is, well, special. But let’s put
it aside for now and look at the rest of the break. Not much there to discuss, is there?

Four cards in a pack/box, carrying a price tag in the neighborhood of $100, makes things pretty
straightforward. The design for Supreme is exactly what you would expect…lots of foil, thick stock, nice (but
unspectacular) photos, every card carrying a serial number. There are the requisite parallels, with each
color carrying a different print run. You know, the same stuff we’ve seen elsewhere.

But then there are the hits, which are the bread and butter of all high-end products.

In this case, odds are you will pull an auto, as 11 of the packs in a case hold one. The other hits are multi-relics, in many
cases multi-colored patches. Some of those are autographed, as well. There are plenty of regular autographs, as well, with a
checklist full of veterans and retired legends – and frankly, it should only be best of the best autographs at this level.

Now, back to my hit. Yeah, I jumped when I saw this one. All 1 of 1s are great, but an autographed printing plate of the top
rookie in the NFL, not to mention one coming off possibly the greatest offensive rookie season in history, raises the bar on all
future high-end products for me. That’s unfair, of course, but that is the way the collecting business rolls. I may never top this
one, but I am certainly going to try.

A grade for this one is tricky. The base cards are nothing we haven’t seen before. If I pulled something different, I have no idea
where this review would have gone. But with what I did pull, I’m ecstatic. Let’s try to play this one down the middle, though,
since not many hits are out there that can match mine. If you can afford a shot at this one, it very well could be worth it. That
warrants a solid grade........................

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