2011 Bowman Chrome

What I pulled--
Refractors – Paul Konerko, Phil Hughes, Franklin Gutierrez, Ubaldo Jimenez
Prospect Refractor – Jordan Swagerty (#355/500)
Gold Refractor – Josh Johnson (#45/50)
2001 Bowman Flashback – Dee Gordon, Anthony Rizzo
Bowman’s Best – Joe Benson, Stetson Allie
2021 Bowman Futures – Matt Dominguez, Jonathan Singleton, Delino DeShields Jr.
2021 Bowman Futures Refractor – Jacob Turner
Prospect Autograph Refractor – Ethan Martin (#212/500)

Year in and year out, Bowman Chrome is one of the more anticipated Topps releases. As always, the
“Home of the Rookie Card” promises the first cards of many of the top prospects in the game, and
Bowman Chrome also, as always, brings the Bowman base set into the Chrome world.

That said, something just seemed to be missing this year.

I’ve long stated that I would like to see more parallels in the Chrome products, and while that is still the

case, Topps makes up for it by including some different spins. First off, the Bowman’s Best set from the
base Bowman set gets the Chrome treatment. In addition, there are some new inserts, just for Chrome, in
the 2021 Bowman Futures and 2001 Bowman Flashback sets. And both of them are great additions to the

But again, something just seems to be missing. And I know what it is. It is a minor detail, but, given the design of the set this
year and the way it transitioned to Chrome, a necessary one.

None of the Refractor cards have the word Refractor on the back. While it sounds like a quibbling detail, the fact is that this
year’s design made it tough to tell the difference between the regular cards and the Refractors, and it took me some time to
figure out whether a couple of them actually were Refractors. That is something that shouldn’t be the case. Sometimes, it is
the smallest of details that make the biggest of differences.

All told, however, I like this set. Of course, I always like Chrome, so that is not a big surprise. But once again, please, please
add some more parallels. A little color goes a long way.......................

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