2011 Bowman

What I pulled--
International Parallels – Mike Leake, Ryan Ludwick, Gabriel Jacobo
Blue Parallel – Blake Forsythe (#346/500)
Orange Parallel – Johnny Damon (#212/250)
Chrome Refractor – Drake Britton (#20/799)
Finest Futures – Brian Matusz, Carlos Santana, Pedro Alvarez, Chris Carter, Clayton Kershaw, Ryan Braun
Bowman’s Brightest – Rich Poythress, Lonnie Chisenhall, Eury Perez
Topps of the Class – Tim Pahuta, J.P. Arencibia, Mike Moustakas
Topps 100 – Kyle Gibson, Allen Webster, Charles Brewer, Simon Castro, Brandon Laird, Chun-Hsiu Chen, Slade Heathcott,
Jurickson Profar
Bowman’s Best – Mark Teixeira, Michael Pineda, Dee Gordon, Troy Tulowitzki
Rookie Autograph – Jake McGee
Prospect Refractor Autograph – Brandon Belt (#495/500)

The biggest name in this year’s edition of Bowman is Nationals super-prospect Bryce Harper. But can this
product be a winner if you don’t pull a Harper card in your box?

Speaking from experience, I can say yes.

The formula for Bowman remains the same as it has always been. Lots of rookie cards. Lots of prospect c

ards. Lots of Chrome prospect cards. On-card autographs. Colored parallels.

But this year, this more. There were plenty of inserts last year, but it feels like more this year. Bowman’s

Brightest, Topps of the Class and Topps 100 are all different feeling spins previewing the stars of
tomorrow, while Finest Futures and Bowman’s Best bring some of today’s biggest names into the mix, as

As for the parallels, Bowman harkens back to the late 90s with the International Parallels, which feature a map of the player’s
home region on it. All of the colors we have grown to know from past Bowman sets are back, as well, although I will once
again say that I wish there were more of them in a box, and would be happy to trade off one or two of the inserts sets for that.

And then, there are the autographs. I was lucky enough to beat the odds and pull two, rather than the standard one, including a
Refractor version of one of this year’s biggest rookies, Brandon Belt. The autos are on-card, which, as collectors will tell you,
moves them up a notch or two on the desirability scale.

So, am I happy with my box, even though I didn’t get any cards of Harper. Of course I am. I got a product that delivers the same
top of the line quality that Bowman promises year in and year out. Tons of great looking inserts, plus, in my case, an extra
autograph, help soften the blow of not getting that big name card. So, yeah. I’m happy.......................

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