2010 Topps Pro Debut Series 1

What I pulled--
Blue Parallels (#ed to 259) – Devin Goodwin, Randal Grichuk, Josh Harrison, Donnie Joseph, Damon Sublett, Carlos Triunfel,
Zack Von Rosenberg
Gold Parallel – Cutter Dykstra (#49/50)
Single-A All-Stars – Alan Ahmady, Levi Carolus, Brock Holt, Sam Honeck, Brian Kemp, Welinton Ramirez
Double-A All-Stars – Alex Avila, Brian Friday, Jorge Jimenez, Danny Moskos, Rene Tosoni, Nick Weglarz
Triple-A All-Stars – Esteban German, Jeremy Hill, Matt Murton, Michael Ryan, Drew Stubbs, Eric Young Jr.
Hall of Fame Stars – Joe Morgan, Stan Musial
Futures Game Jersey – Desmond Jennings oversized red (#58/139)
Base Autographs – Travis Jones, Mike Montgomery
Debut Cuts – Broxton Lane (#72/106)

Not only does Topps now have the exclusive license to produce Major League baseball cards, the
company also has the same rights for Minor League cards. And that license is put to outstanding
use right out of the gate with the release of Pro Debut Series 1.

The name of this set does not leave much to the imagination – it is exactly what it sounds like…
cards of minor leaguers throughout every organization in baseball. The design is the same as the
regular Topps base set, which will make Minor League logo aficionados like myself ecstatic while
going through all of the unique logos that proliferate the minors.

Of course, the cards are about the players, many of which are making their cardboard debut. Of course, almost all of the top
prospects in the game are also included, such as Pedro Alvarez, Justin Smoak and many others. As for inserts and parallels,
Topps keeps it pretty basic. There are colored parallels and All-Star inserts to break up the monotony of base cards, all of
which are simple, yet bring added fun to each pack.

As for the hits, there are two autographs and one oversized swatch per box. And, if you are lucky like I was, an extra hit of a cut
autograph from one of the recent AFLAC High School All-Star sets. I’m not sure why it was decided to make these into cuts
rather than just including the full card, though. I think I would have preferred the autograph to be included that way, with cut
autographs reserved strictly for deceased players.

Other than the cut autograph complaint, however, this is a flawless set. Great value with the hits, attractive inserts, great player
selection and an outstanding design all add up to a product that anyone would be happy opening. And that means a nice, high

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