2010 Topps Football

What I pulled--
Gold Parallels (#ed to 2010) – Sheldon Brown, Darren Sharper, Shonn Greene, Vernon Davis, D.J. Williams, Chad Greenway,
Alex Smith
Topps Attax Code Cards – One per pack
NFL Draft 75th Anniversary – C.J. Spiller, Jamaal Charles, Tom Brady, Ben Tate, Golden Tate, Colt McCoy
Peak Performance – Brett Favre, Peyton Manning, Joe Flacco, Jonathan Dwyer, Golden Tate, Demaryius Thomas, Dan Marino,
Eric Dickerson, Dallas Clark
1952 Bowman – Montario Hardesty, Jimmy Clausen, Joe McKnight, Calvin Johnson, Demaryius Thomas, Rashard
Mendenhall, Frank Gore, Dez Bryant, C.J. Spiller, Chris Johnson, Ronnie Brown, Jamaal Charles
Gridiron Lineage – Eric Dickerson/Steven Jackson, Brian Dawkins/Eric Berry, Joe Namath/Mark Sanchez, Emmitt
Smith/LaDainian Tomlinson, John Elway/Tim Tebow, Chris Johnson/Jahvid Best, Dan Marino/Drew Brees, Brandon
Marshall/Demaryius Thomas, LaDainian Tomlinson/Ryan Mathews
Reprints – Larry Fitzgerald 2004, Troy Polamalu 2005, Aaron Rodgers 2005, Peyton Manning 1998
Ring Of Honor – Drew Brees
Gridiron Giveaway – Tom Brady, Gale Sayers, Peyton Manning, Joe Montana, Eric Dickerson, Ray Lewis
Peak Performance Jersey – Chris Johnson dark blue

After a few months of not being in the cards (pun intended), Topps is back in football for 2010, and things
kick off with their base set.

No shocker…This set is a winner.

If you have seen 2010 Topps Baseball, then you will know that Football is more of the same. The killer card
design for the base cards is back, featuring outstanding photography and prominent team logos, and
inserts such as Peak Performance, Lineage, Attax and Reprints all transfer from one sport to the other
seamlessly. Also here is the Football version of the Million Card Giveaway, entitled Gridiron Giveaway (I
was addicted to MCG, so that should make my feelings on Gridiron Giveaway very easy to figure out. Given
this roster of proven successes, Topps Football gets off to a very high grade point right there. Add in the
1952 Bowman cards, the continuation of the annual Ring of Honor set and the Draft Anniversary set and all of the bells and
whistles we’ve all come to expect from Topps base sets are very well represented.

However, we all know what the base set is really all about – the debut of the newest pro football faces. All of the tp rookies are
here, of course…Bradford, Tebow, et al all make their Topps cardboard premieres, which is always a huge draw for collectors.
And as is the annual tradition, set builders get to put together one of the great rites of fall, the full set, which should be
attainable easily, but is really what card collecting has always been about.

There really is not much more to say about 2010 Topps Football. No one does base sets better than Topps, and as was the
case with 2010 Baseball, this year’s version is one of the best in recent memory........................

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