2010 Topps Unrivaled Football

What I pulled--
Rookie Cards (#ed to 999) – Jerry Hughes, John Skelton, Emmanuel Sanders
Base Card Parallels (#ed to 759) – Vernon Davis, Chad Henne, Anquan Boldin
Gold Parallels (#ed to 499) – Kellen Winslow, Ryan Mathews, John Skelton, Adrian Peterson
Black Parallel – Kellen Winslow (#69/99)
Unrivaled Veterans – DeMarcus Ware (#1/999)
Unrivaled Greats – Thurman Thomas (#160/499)
Base Autographs – Bryan Bulaga (#460/780), Armanti Edwards (#326/480)
Autographed Patch – Jimmy Clausen blue and white patch on black jersey (#18/50)

Topps Unrivaled Football is a product I can really get into.

Breaking away from the retro look and feel, Unrivaled has a modern feel to it, with all of the bells

and whistles that we are used to. There are three autographs per box, including one patch auto,
plus a nice range of parallels and even a couple of insert sets thrown in. This is a formula that will
always work for me.

The pack lineup for Unrivaled is old school…24 packs per box, five cards per pack. Most of the

packs have a little something extra in it, be it a parallel, insert or autograph. The design is solid,
but nothing out of the ordinary (and includes lost of foil), but the real strength is the autographs. The big rookies are accounted
for, as always, of course. The base cards have a sticker, but it is incorporated into the card perfectly, thanks to all of that foil.
The patch cards are the real winner, though, with a great swatch and a perfect design for including both the patch and the

There are other relic and autograph sets, some of which include veterans and retired players, but the autos skew towards the
rookies, as modern day sets usually do. The price is reasonable, and the value in each box makes a box purchase certainly

Topps Unrivaled is a product that delivers a solid punch for collectors, and really is a lot of fun to break. I always give a good
grade when those standards are met........................

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