2010 Topps Triple Threads Football

What I pulled--
Base Card Gold Parallel – Clinton Portis (#94/99)
Triple Threads XXIV Platinum – C.J. Spiller 24 patches (#1/1)


I always hoped to pull one of those amazing 1/1 cards from Triple Threads. It never mattered what sport or who the player was.
I wanted one of those “Holy cow, look at that thing!” cards that had the message boards buzzing, and that made Triple Threads
the annually loved high end product that it is.

Now I have one.

Since I only got two cards in the one pack of Triple Threads that I opened, it is difficult to write a complete, in-depth review, and
I won’t be assigning a grade at the end. Suffice it to say that Triple Threads is the same product everyone has gotten to know
over the last few years – thick base cards with an array of colored parallels, hit or miss autographs, multi-swatch relics and a
checklist and player combo list that, when pulling the right guy, makes a collector’s tongue wag. The price tag, as usual, is not
for the faint of heart, but when the cool cards are pulled, that price tag is worth it.

Check out the C.J. Spiller XXIV relic that I pulled. It is a 1/1 Platinum parallel, which falls one in every 2405 packs. Each window
contains at least three and often four colors. This is one of those cards that just screams out to collectors.

And now I finally have one.
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