2010 Topps Platinum Football

What I pulled--
Rookie Variations – Eric Decker, John Skelton, Tim Tebow
Chrome Rookie Refractors (#ed to 999) – Jermaine Gresham, Jahvid Best
Chrome Rookie White Refractor – Golden Tate (#264/499)
Autographed Chrome Rookie Refractor – Riley Cooper (#908/1099)
Autographed Chrome Rookie Blue Refractor – Mike Williams (#512/599)
Autographed Black Refractor Patch – Dwayne Bowe (#15/99)

Topps continues to impress as they ramp up their 2010 football products with the release of 2010
Topps Platinum, a set that is sure to satisfy all kinds of collectors.

Each individual pack of Platinum show a nice diversity of cards aimed at the full hobby. There are
beautifully designed back cards printed on foil board to give them a shiny, high end feel. There are
loads of rookie cards, all done in Chrome, all with multiple levels of Refractors. There are
variations on the rookie cards, printed on thick “decoy” type stock for an extra chase card for the
player collectors. Each pack comes with multiple rookie cards, adding a nice chase value to each
pack, in the hopes of grabbing a Sam Bradford or Tim Tebow rookie, amongst others. All of this
alone would make Topps Platinum a winner.

The extra value comes in the hits, though. Each box has three – two Rookie Refractor autographs plus a Patch Refractor
autograph that has a list of current stars mixed in with the rookies. The design on these cards is gorgeous, and the sticker
autographs, as usual, are designed to flow nicely within the design of the Chrome cards. The patches are very nice, even
though I pulled a one color patch, and I’ve seen some very nice looking patches pulled elsewhere.

I’m not quite sure there is much of a downside to Topps Platinum, actually. It is a mid-range priced product, so picking up a
box won’t cost a body part, and that should make it popular among collectors looking for something that carries a little more
oomph than the Topps base set. The hits are there, and there are autographs of the top rookies in the league floating around
out there for the taking.

In all, I cannot give a bad or even average grade to Topps Platinum. I really liked opening this up. It is the type of product we
need to see more of – a non-throwback release that incorporates modern technology at a price point that most collectors can
afford. Applause for Topps........................

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