2010 Topps Magic Football

What I pulled--
Mini Black Parallels – Dennis Dixon, Kellen Winslow, Jared Odrick, Marc Bulger
Mini Pigskin Parallel – Joe McKnight (#38/50)
Magical Moments – Peyton Manning, Knowshon Moreno, Wes Welker, Elvis Dumervil, Jamaal Charles, Chris Johnson
Rookie Stars – Toby Gerhart, Demaryius Thomas, Golden Tate, Jimmy Clausen
History’s Best – Emmitt Smith, Paul Hornung
Base Autographs – Tony Pike, Anthony Dixon
Chrome Refractor Autograph – Cedric Peerman (#10/10)

Topps Magic is back for a second go-round, building on last year’s successful debut.

Magic is exactly what you would expect from a painted card set. The player art is beautiful, with stunning

details and attention paid to every piece of the portrait. The card design is simple, yet very effective and
appropriate for a set of this type, with a crisp and clean yet retro feel to it. Of course, the player selection is
top notch, with all of the top rookies and stars from today’s game supplemented by many stars from the
games past. The insert sets only strengthen that player selection, with the rookies, stars and legends
each getting their own subset.

As has become the norm with painted sets, each pack comes with a mini parallel, and there are parallels

to those parallels, as well. The black framed minis are gorgeous, but the pigskin minis are very difficult to
differentiate from the regular ones. If there was no serial number on the front of it, I probably would not have even noticed the
difference…as it was, I had to look closely to see why it was numbered. Happily, that is my only complaint about the product,
although I would consider it a decent sized complaint.

Each box comes with three autographs, with the majority of them coming in the form of rookie autographs. The Chrome
Refractors are stunning, and really exaggerate the positives of the card’s design, while at the same time offering some feel of
rarity, since those autographs are numbered to 10.

In all, this is a solid product. The box value is good, while the design is great. There are a bunch of short printed base cards,
so set builders will be faced with a decent challenge to put a full set together. They will be happy when they are done, though.

Solid product, solid grade........................

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