2010 Topps Attax Football

Topps continues its line of interactive Attax card games by entering the world of football. And as with the
other sports they have made games for, this looks like a fun alternative to straight card collecting.

The theme for Attax Football is the same as the others. Play offense versus defense in a quick,

straightforward game. Sounds simple, right? Well, it is. The allure of Attax, though, is that all of the
biggest stars are available, including this year’s crop of rookies. All of the players are assigned a set of
skill numbers for various parts of their game, and then can be matched up against each other for points.

Like in the other sports, there are also glossy cards that act as “power ups” for each player. There are

also cards that come with codes that collectors can enter for other advantages in the game. These
cards each fall one per every two packs, so you will get one or the other in each pack.

If you want to collect the set an not play, it is an easy one to put together, given the low, kid-friendly price. Collectors looking for
a bigger challenge will lean towards the code or glossy sets, of course.
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