2010 Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects/
2010 Bowman Platinum

What I pulled--

Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects:

Blue Parallel – Taylor Lindsey (#334/399)
Chrome Refractors – Austin Jackson, Felipe Perez
Gold Refractor – Peter Bourjos (#17/50)
Autographed Chrome Prospect – Deck McGuire

Bowman Platinum:
Base Parallels (#ed to 999) – Steve Rodriguez, Derek Jeter, Dan Haren
Base Gold Parallel (#ed to 539) – Madison Bumgarner
Chrome Refractors (#ed to 999) – Desmond Jennings, Adeiny Hechavarria
Autographed Refractor – Mike Trout
Autographed Green Refractor – Ian Krol (#97/199)
Autographed Green Patch – Scott McGough (#10/199)
Bonus Autograph Redemption – Lonnie Chisenhall

As the 2010 Baseball product year approaches its end, Topps has released two prospect based sets, one a solid veteran,
one a flashy newbie, that are at opposite ends of the spectrum in a number of facets.

We’ll start with the old pro – Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects. This is the product that prospectors and

young player collectors wait impatiently for every year, since it features the cardboard debut of many of the
newest prospects in the game. Of course, there is more to it than that, as the major leaguer side of the
product contains only rookie cards of players who made their major league debut in 2010. The formula
works well this year, given the strength of the rookie class. As usual, the packs are a mix of regular cards
and Chrome cards, giving collectors the chance for multiple different cards of the young players they want
to collect. The parallels are here, as always, but the complaint I had with the base Bowman and Bowman
Chrome sets remains. I wish there were more. Four parallels in 24 packs is a little low for me. I’m fine with
one autograph in this product, but given the appeal and abundance of different regular and Chrome
parallels exists, a few more added to a box would only be a good thing.

Bowman Platinum is the rookie product. However, I’m not sure another prospect-based release is

necessary, given Draft Picks and Prospects was released just weeks earlier, while Bowman Sterling,
another annual gem, is waiting in the wings. Once again, the cards are a mix of vets and prospects, with
the regular cards featuring major leaguers, while the Chrome cards feature prospects. The checklists on
both sides are solid, and all of the usual suspects are included. There are more parallels here than in
Draft Picks and Prospects, which I like, and there are three hits, plus a late-inclusion boxtopper
redemption card for a fourth auto, So the box value is there. One of the autos will be a patch card, which is
also something that collectors will like. However, I’ll go back to my original statement, asking whether this
product is really necessary, and I’m not so sure Topps’ efforts might have been better making this an
all-veteran set with one or two hits of young major leaguers instead. The set itself is nice, but it just feels
like prospect overkill.

As for grades, this will be art imitating life, with the solid vet getting a nod over the new kid on the block, who might need a little
more seasoning after a late season call-up..........

Draft Picks and Prospects – B
Platinum – C
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