2010 Topps Allen and Ginter

What I pulled--
This Day In History – 24
Mini Parallels – Ivan Rodriguez, Jason Marquis, Chris Tillman, Ian Stewart, Chone Figgins, Andrew McCutchen, Jorge Posada,
Joe Mauer
Allen and Ginter Back Mini Parallels – Chris Johnson, Derek Lowe, Kyle Blanks, Robinson Tejada, Troy Glaus
Black Frame Mini Parallels – Kendry Morales, Ryan Dempster
National Animals – Happy Eagle (Panama), Koi (Japan), Alpaca (Peru)
Lords of Olympus – Dionysus, Thanatos
Monsters of the Mesozoic – Stegosaurus, Pachycephalosaurus
Sailors of the Seven Seas – Henry Hudson
World’s Wordsmiths – Edgar Allan Poe
Baseball Sketches – Daniel Murphy, Ichiro
N43 Cabinet Card Great Engineering Achievements Boxtopper – Brooklyn Bridge
Framed Relics – Robinson Cano bat, Adam Lind gray jersey
Framed Autograph – Daniel McCutchen

The 2010 edition of one of Topps’ most popular baseball card brands, Allen and Ginter, has hit the
shelves. Of course, it will come as no surprise to collectors that this product once again scores high

A&G is one of the brands that took the retro card trend to new levels, and that level of excellence continues.
The player sketches are top notch, and, combined with the old-time design of the card and cardboard
stock, really make the cards feel and look as though they are from the early part of last century, not this
one…which is the whole point of Allen and Ginter. While some think there are too many sets these days
that are trying to capture that feel, this one always does.

The great thing about this product, though, goes well beyond the base cards. As is the case every year, the
mini parallels are perfect and make for a wonderful set building experience. Then there are the whimsical miniature subsets,
this year featuring “Sailors of the Seven Seas”, “National Pets” and “Lords of Olympus”, amongst others, with “Creatures of
Legend, Myth and Joy” set aside as this year’s tough to pull chase set. And, as always, the base set features many non-
baseball subjects from places ranging from music (Jordin Sparks) to ESPN announcers (Stuart Scott) to someone like
Machiavelli, not to mention famous discoveries like the X-Ray. The twists and turns the set and the minis take always take the
collector on a wide, fun filled ride and opens the eyes to some entertaining places.

Not to be outdone, the three hits in each box are beautiful. Even just a plain bat chip looks gorgeous, as the mini card is
encased in a colorful red frame. There are tons of non-baseball autographs and relics, making every potential hit that much
more exciting. And lest we forget the original Allen and Ginter innovation, the Rip Card, which gives the collector the chance to
keep the card as is, or rip open the back to find a special min card inside.

There are people that are looking for new ideas and bells and whistles in every new set. But when the basic idea of a set is as
creative as Allen and Ginter is every year. There is no need to change the winning formula. Year in and year out, this set

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