2009 Topps Heritage High Number Series

What I pulled--

Inserts and Parallels:
Chrome Parallels (#ed to 1960) – Andrew McCutchen, Brett Gardner, Scott Downs, Pat Burrell, Everth Cabrera (x2), Colby
Rasmus, Daniel Schlereth, Randy Wells
Black Refractor - Joe Crede (#8/60)
1960 Original Buyback Boxtopper - Wayne Terwilliger
Then and Now - Roger Maris/Grady Sizemore, Roger Maris/Ichiro
Rookie Performers - Gordon Beckham,Chris Coghlan
Flashback - Jonathan Sanchez, Ian Kinsler
Triple Panel Boxtopper - Willy Taveras/Gerardo Parra/Jason Vargas
Clubhouse Collection - David Wright bat

For the second straight season, Topps has issued an end-of-season update to their annual
Heritage release. And, as with the original, it is a beauty.

Topps tries to recreate the feel of a late season release with Topps Heritage High Number Series,
as was the case back with the original. Players have been updated with their new teams, rookies
have been added, and highlights from the season have gotten their own cards. All this added up
to a solid product.

You don't get a box like this for the hits - it is about the cards - but there are enough bells and whistles for those collectors
looking for a little extra. Plenty of Chrome Parallels in each box, with Refractors and rarer colored Refractors, make the pack
opening experience a fun one. Each box gets one hit, as well, with some cool old-time autographs supplementing the usual
suspects and relic cards. The inserts are cool, with the aforementioned highlights from this past season definitely a major

In addition, each pack comes with two cards from the recently release Topps base Updates set, although, frankly, I really don't
understand or agree with their inclusion. Keep them separate. This is a box that stands alone just fine - it doesn't need
another set to prop it up.

In all, this is a solid product. Heritage collectors know what they are getting, while the novice will have fun opening up a box
and seeing the events of 2009 in front of them.