2009 Topps Chrome

What I pulled--
Refractors – Jon Lester, Ian Kinsler, Anthony Claggett, Victor Martinez, Derek Holland, Francisco Liriano, Mike Lowell, Elvis
Blue Refractor – Rick Porcello (#155/199)
Gold Refractor – Trevor Cahill (#37/50)
World Baseball Classic – Dennis Neuman, Manuel Corpas, Chenhao Li, Dae Ho Lee, Shinnosuke Abe, Alex Rios
World Baseball Classic Refractor – Chih-Hsien Chiang (#252/500)
World Baseball Classic Blue Refractor – Tai-Chi Kuo (#119/199)
Refractor Autographs (#ed to 499) – David Freese, Ricky Romero

The good:
The 2009 Topps base set was a great one, so why wouldn’t it be just as good in chrome.
Everything translates very well, and the usual assortment of Refractors, plus the inserts and autographs,
make this set an easy one to recommend.
The bad: None. Even the autograph list is better than usual.
The rest: I’ve already touched on the Refractors, but the WBC cards from the base set are here, as well,
and in varying Refractors as well. Very,  very nice.
The verdict: A winner. Plain and simple.
The grade: