2009 Topps Allen and Ginter

What I pulled--
Base Minis – 12
Bazooka Back Minis – Chone Figgins, Kevin Youkilis, Joe Martinez, Napoleon Bonaparte, Scott Rolen, Samuel Morse
Black Framed Minis – Jimmy Rollins, Gil Meche
World Leaders – Albania, Turkey
Creatures of Legend, Myth and Terror – Chupacabra
World’s Biggest Hoaxes, Hoodwinks and Bamboozles – The Runaway Bride
Codebreaker Parallels – Eric Byrnes, Pat Neshek, Jim Thome
Highlight Sketches – Derek Jeter, Chipper Jones, CC Sabathia, Albert Pujols
National Pride – 25 different
N43 Boxtopper – Netherlands upsets Dominican Republic
Framed Relics – Dontrelle Willis gray pants, Ryan Braun white jersey

The good:
Allen and Ginter returns for a fourth installment, and the tradition of excellence continues. The
design has been tweaked in a very subtle, yet attractive way. The minis and framed relics and autos are
back, as are the Codebreakers. And, of course, the themed mini-sets and, if you are lucky enough to pull
one, Rip Cards, bring the value level of a box to the normal high level.
The bad: Normally I don’t fuss over this, but my box was short a hit and a mini. In addition, a couple of
packs were short a card. A set of this level of excellence should not come with any production glitches like
this, and I can only hope that it wasn’t a common occurrence. As far as the actual product is concerned,
though, it is flawless – but that is par for the course for Allen and Ginter.
The rest: All the positives are back – Rip Cards, cards of off-beat non-baseball stars and historical figures,
wonderfully designed frames for the relics and autographs, tons of mini parallels, whimsical and fun
The verdict: Two grades for this one…one for the product, one for the box itself, since the flaws in production are too
numerous to overlook,
The grade:

Set: A+
Box: D