2009 Topps Series 1

What I pulled--
Gold Parallel (#ed to 2009) – Hideki Matsui, Will Venable, Juan Miranda, Marco Scutaro, Scott Elbert, Garrett Atkins
Topps Town – 25 different, plus 7 duplicates
Topps Town Gold – Nick Markakis, Justin Morneau, Jake Peavy, Albert Pujols
Turkey Red – Alex Rios, Cole Hamels, Nick Markakis, Jermaine Dye, Evan Longoria, Carlos Gomez, David Ortiz, Christy
Mathewson, Joey Votto
Ring of Honor – Gary Carter, Albert Pujols, Ryan Howard, Roger Clemens, Andy Pettitte, Jim Leyland
Legends of the Game – Bob Gibson, Nolan Ryan, Jackie Robinson, Cal Ripken Jr., Christy Mathewson, Walter Johnson
World Baseball Classic Redemption – TBA
Career Best Relic – Ryan Braun white jersey with blue pinstripe
Silk Collection – Rich Harden (#16/50)

It has been an eventful few weeks for New York baseball…free agents signings, Joe
Torre’s book, A-Rod’s steroid confession. So when 2009 Topps Series 1 arrived, it
finally signaled that the end of the off-season was near and we can start worrying
about things on the field once again.

And isn’t that what baseball should be all about, anyway?

Topps has mastered the base set, so I’ll be keeping my comments short. This
year’s design is slightly overdone (I can do without all of the little dots in the corners),
but still, as usual, timeless. The inserts are simple – the Turkey Red cards are as
good as ever, the Legends of the Game cards sparkle. There is one hit in every box,
which is a nice bonus for the basic set (but, to be honest, unnecessary). And the little extras, such as the Silk Collection (which
falls one in 241 packs, but is too underdesigned) and the WBC Redemptions, add more value to a box than we’ve ever seen
from this product.

At its heart, this is a set builders product. It is the one that turned every single collector on to the hobby, and really needs no
hype or buildup to be successful. It is the sign of Spring and makes me smile every year on its debut........................