2009 Topps Football

What I pulled--
Gold Parallels (#ed to 2009) – 12, including Jeremy Maclin, Mario Williams
Black Parallel – Patrick Willis (#34/54)
Chicle Cards – Derrick Mason, Jay Cutler, Thomas Jones, Aaron Curry, Greg Jennings, Anthony Gonzalez
Throwback Cards – Jim Marshall, Jack Kemp, Don Maynard, Abner Haynes, Billy Cannon, Bill Groman
Cheerleaders – Kayla S., Fabiola, Monica, Samantha
Topps Town – 32
Topps Town Gold – Trent Edwards, JaMarcus Russell, Matt Ryan, Peyton Manning
Ring of Honor – Santonio Holmes
Career Best Relics – Roddy White black jersey

The good:
Everything. It is a Topps base set, so you know going in that the quality is going to be second to
none. And this set delivers across the board.
The bad: None. This is the way to put together a base product that will keep a box breaker happy from
beginning to end, and also give a pack buyer (especially a child) a little something in every pack.
The rest: Great insert sets here. The Chicle cards are super attractive, the Throwbacks hit some of the
great names from the past, and the cheerleaders, well, the photos speak for themselves. The hit is
nothing special, but that is a bonus in a product like this.
The verdict: Yet again, Topps nails a base set. Yawn.
The grade: