2009 Topps Football Triple Threads

What I pulled--
Pack #1:

Base Cards (#ed to 799) - Reggie Wayne, Peyton Manning, Cedric Benson
Sepia Parallel - T.J. Houshmandzadeh (#233/249)
Emerald Parallel - Brett Favre (#76/149)
Autographed Triple Relic Rookie - Ramses Barden triple blue jersey (#16/30)

Pack #2:
Base Cards (#ed to 799) - D
avid Garrard, Adrian Peterson, John Elway
Sepia Parallel - M
ichael Turner (#1/249)
old Parallel - Matt Schaub (#37/99)
Triple Relic R
ed Parallel - Ben Roethlisberger black/gold/black jerseys (#6/20)

A lot of the time, how you feel about a high end product like Triple Threads depends on what you
pull. And while my pulls weren't exactly awesome, that doesn't take away from the fact that this is a
great product.

Of course, Triple Threads always is. And for a two-pack box in the neighborhood of $175 per box, it
better be.

Base cards on thick stock and two parallels per pack kick the product off. The design is
reminiscent of past years, to the point where it is starting to get to the point that every year's card basically looks the same. The
parallels are in multiple levels, all the way to the platinum 1/1's. But most people are not buying Triple Threads for the base

The star of this product is the hits. They come one per pack and range from the below average (see my first pack) to insane
combo autographs of some of the all-time greats (I saw a combination of Jim Brown/Eric Dickerson/Barry Sanders, or
something to that effect, online as part of someone else's break, so the big hits definitely are out there). The hits also have
varying levels and parallels, all the way up to the famed "White Whale" 1/1s that put Triple Threads on the map a few years ago
when it debuted.

This is a basic, what you see is what you get product. Of course, what you get is the big variable, and one that can either leave
you very disappointed with your purchase or with a card that could be the cornerstone of your collection. You just need a little
luck, of course.

I'll grad this as a product, rather than based off my break - I hope you have better luck than I did.