2009 Topps Magic Football

What I pulled--
Black Framed Minis – Dan Connor, John Elway, Ted Ginn Jr., Marlin Jackson
All-Americans – DeAngelo Williams, Shonn Greene, Jeremy Maclin
Alumni – Jeremy Maclin/Chase Coffman
48 Magic – John Elway, LeSean McCoy, Earl Campbell, Declaration of Independence
Magic Thrills – 2000 Orange Bowl, 2004 Sugar Bowl, 2006 Orange Bowl
Autographs – Kyle Orton, Marlin Jackson, Courtney Taylor

The good:
In continuing to salute some of the greatest sets of all-time, Topps turns its attention to the
legendary 1948 Magic set. It should come as no surprise to those who have seen the past results – this is
a great set. Picturing all players in their college uniforms, as the original did, Topps Magic presents a
unique, old-time feeling look at today’s payers, with some legends of the game thrown in for good
The bad: None. This set hits all of the marks.
The rest: Lots of great parallels and inserts, from minis to autographs, litter the box. Three autos per box
create a high level of value, especially if you pull one of Dan Marino or another big name. The 48 Magic and
Magic Thrills sets are simple, and simply gorgeous.
The verdict: Released within days of Baseball’s Allen and Ginter set, which is annually one of the best
products in the hobby, this one is on the same level. Just a wonderful set.
The grade: