2009 Topps Finest Football

What I pulled--

Mini Box #1
Refractors – Glen Coffee, Braylon Edwards
Pigskin Refractor – Eli Manning
Blue Refractors (#ed to 429) - Steve Smith (Carolina), LaDainian Tomlinson
Green Refractor (#ed to 199) - Eli Manning
Autographed Rookie Letter Patch - Kenny Britt "T" (#8/49)

Mini Box #2
Refractors – Greg Jennings, Hines Ward
Pigskin Refractor – Steve Smith (Carolina)
Blue Refractors (#ed to 429) - Reggie Bush, Tony Romo
Green Refractor (#ed to 199) - Greg Jennings
Gold Refractor (#ed to 75) - Chris Johnson
Autographed Rookie Patch - Ramses Barden (#107/409)

Finest is always one of my favorite products, regardless of sports.

You want sharp base cards? Check. Refractors? Check. Parallels? Check. Autographs? Check Brett Favre
in a Vikings jersey? Check. I think you get the point, of course.

This year's design is, as was the case last year, very football-themed, rather than the futuristic or modern
look you see in Finest Baseball, for instance. Topps also took it one step further with the Pigskin Refractor,
which has the pebbled look of a football as the background, and which looks really cool in Refractor form.
The one drawback to this year's Refractors, to me, at least, is that I had a hard time telling the difference
between the different colored Refractors. Maybe I'm going color blind in my old age, but I really had a hard
time telling the difference, and had to look up the coloring/numbering pairing to list them correctly (and hope
I used a credible source).

The autographs are solid, as are the way they are presented. Manufactured letter patches are popping up in more and more
products, and here is another one. The design is real nice, though, and it works very well here. The other autographed patches
are of the more traditional variety, which Topps does not do often in Finest, so it is a nice change of pace (wow, did I just call a
jersey relic a change of page?).

There are no arguments from me about Finest. It is a solid product and continues to add to the legacy of the brand, whcih is
one of the stalwarts of Topps across the sports. And it gets a solid grade.......................