2009 Bowman Chrome Football

What I pulled--
Silver Rookie Parallel Boxtopper - Matthew Stafford (#45/99)
Refractors - Peyton Hillis, Wes Welker, Ricky Williams, Ed Reed
Rookie Refractor - Deon Butler
Xfractors - Brandon Marshall (#144/250), Steve Smith (Carolina - #172/250)
Blue Rookie Refractor - Nate Davis (#85/150)
Green Refractor - Thomas Jones (#6/99)
Gold Rookie Refractor - Mike Wallace (#36/50)
Rookie Autograph - Johnny Knox

Colors. Lots of colors. And in a Chrome product, that is a very good thing.

Bowman Chrome Football has hit shelves and, not surprising, this is a fun box to break. As with all
Chrome products, it adds a load of depth to the base Bowman product and really makes the pictures and
design pop. Even the ugly brown base cards are not nearly as ugly, and given the color chosen, that is,
well, a very good thing.

As always, though, breaking a box of any Chrome product is about two things - Refractors and autographs.
And Bowman Chrome Football does not disappoint in either department. Obviously, it is loaded with the
biggest rookie names in the game...Stafford, Sanchez, et al. are all present and accounted for, and those
lucky enough to grab a colored, numbered Refractor of either of those guys, or some of the other big
rookies this year, will be very, very pleased. My box was a bit atypical, I believe, with the amount of colored Refractors I pulled,
but have no fear, I'm not complaining.

As for those autographs, it is a solid checklist. There are always going to be some stinkers, but I got a guy that has a shot at
being a very nice NFL player, so there are no complaints from this end.

Yeah, I like this. But that will come as no surprise, since I usually like Chrome products. And this one was a blast to open.
Factor in the very fair price point and this is a very highly recommended product.........