2009 Bowman Draft Picks Football

What I pulled--
Orange Veteran Parallels – Braylon Edwards, Reggie Bush, Eli Manning, Matt Cassel, Kevin Boss, Dwayne Bowe, Frank Gore,
Tom Brady, Leon Washington, Larry Fitzgerald, Jamal Lewis, DeSean Jackson
Orange Rookie Parallels – Terrance Taylor, Michael Johnson, P.J. Hill, James Davis, Alex Mack, Vontae Davis, Cullen Harper,
Jason Smith, Travis Beckum, Mohamed Massaquoi
White Parallel – Joe Flacco (#24/299)
Blue Parallel – Lee Evans (#37/199)
All-Star Alumni – DeAngelo Williams, Matt Ryan, Matt Forte, Adrian Peterson, Marshawn Lynch/DeSean Jackson, Tom
Brady/Braylon Edwards
Superlatives – Brian Orakpo, Michael Crabtree, Shonn Greene, Rey Maualuga
’09 Rookie All-Stars – Brandon Pettigrew, Brian Orakpo, Michael Crabtree, Vontae Davis, James Davis, Clay Matthews
Rivals – Marlon Lucky/Juaquin Iglesias (x2)
Base Autograph – Graham Harrell
College Letter Patch Autograph – Kenny Britt “T” (#26/46)

The good: It is the first Topps football set of the year and marks the cardboard debut of the biggest rookie
names of 2009. How can it be bad? Next, add in lots of parallels, a pair of autographs and some cool
insert sets. Did I mention the base autographs are on-card? The list of good in this set goes on and on.

The bad: I don’t necessarily have a problem with Bowman moving away from the tradition blue and red

them, but that brown color isn’t the most attractive color out there, if you know what I mean.

The rest: The autograph patches are a cool insert for a base set and are very nicely designed. And it looks

like Topps learned from the signed patch debacle that was Letterman by getting these patches signed
directly on the patch, rather than on stickers.

The verdict: A slam dunk. A no-brainer. A winner, plain and simple. Only the brown color used keeps this from being perfect
The grade: