2009 Topps Chrome Football and 2009 Bowman Sterling Football

What I pulled--
Topps Chrome
Rookie Cards – 12, including Michael Crabtree and Mark Sanchez
Base Refractors – Jerod Mayo, Drew Brees, Philip Rivers, Vernon Davis
Rookie Refractors – Rhett Bomar, Vontae Davis, Eugene Monroe, Sen’Derrick Marks
Gold Refractors (#ed to 649) – Eli Manning, Gartrell Johnson
Red Refractor – Mike Thomas (#11/25)
Cheerleaders – Amanda, Monica, Kelli
Chicle Cards – Steven Jackson, Ben Roethlisberger, Joey Porter, LaDainian Tomlinson, Peyton Manning, Jerricho Cotchery
Chicle Refractor – Troy Polamalu (#110/199)
Ring Of Honor – Santonio Holmes
Autograph Rookie – Rhett Bomar

Bowman Sterling
Base Rookies (#ed to 799) – Darius Butler, Jairus Byrd
Veteran Relic – Donnie Avery (#725/999)
Rookie Relic – Mike Thomas (#85/749)
Rookie Autograph – Arian Foster (#463/599)

As a rule, when a set looks good on regular card stock, it will look good in Chrome. That is the case with
2009 Chrome Football.

Everyone who reads my reviews regularly know my feelings about Topps base sets. No one ever does

them better. That always transfers over to Chrome. These cards just pop, since the design is tailor-made
for the technology.

That goes for all of the inserts and parallels, of course. The Chicle cards have added depth to them. The

Refractors are, as always, sharp and fun to pull, with the usual multiple levels so player collectors can
attempt to complete the “rainbow”. And, yes, the cheerleader cards make the sideline beauties look, well,
I’ll move on.

As with most Football products, though, the sheer number of rookies that are included waters down any

rookie autograph checklist. Rhett Bomar carried a lot of hype in college at one point, but he, along with
many of the other rookies in the set, will be no more than a fringe NFLer. Unfortunately, that is something
that is simply just intrinsic to football, where, unless the player plays one of the sexy skill positions, he
tends to get overlooked in the hobby, especially as a rookie.

And that brings me to the pack of Bowman Sterling I opened. The design is great. I love the different look

from the veteran cards to the rookie cards. And, as always, the pack is loaded with two jerseys and an
autograph. But unless you are fortunate enough to pull a big name rookie auto, cracking Bowman Sterling
might leave you a little underwhelmed. If you are looking for gorgeous, high-end cards, though, you will be
very happy with the product.

I’m not going to give Sterling a grade, simply because I only opened one pack. But Topps Chrome scores high in my book. It is
a very good product at a good price, with some fun pulls sitting inside……