2009 Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects

What I pulled--
Blue Parallels - Chris Tillman, Jing-Chao Wang
Refractors - Clayton Mortensen, Jorge Padilla
Xfractor - Virgil Hill (#124/199)
Blue Refractor - James Jones (#47/99)
Gold Refractor - Chris Tillman (#19/50)
Autographed Prospect - Alex White

his is the one. The product "Chromies" wait for every year.

Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects marks the debut of many of this year's biggest rookie names and
recently drafted players. Tommy Hanson and the star of the packaging Gordon Beckham both receive
rookie cards in this set, while 2009 draftees such as Alex White are part of the prospect set.

The breakdown for each pack in the 24-pack box is pretty routine. Two rookie cards, two prospect cards,
two chrome cards (mixed between the two sets) and one gold parallel (also a mix of the two sets). There
are also a ton of World Baseball Classic cards in the set again, which, to be honest, is overkill at this
point, since they have been in all of the other Bowman products this season - they are really out of place in
this set.

The stars of the break, as is always the case with this set, are the multiple parallels and Refractors. Player collectors and
rookie speculators often attempt to collect the "rainbow" for specific players, especially those making their cardboard debut.
The autographs are also a big hit, as many of the signing subjects are seeing their first signatures in packs.

It is always tough to gauge these sets right out of the gate. Will the checklist feature a bunch of superstars or is it a down year.
We won't know the answer to that question for a few years, but with Hanson and Beckham as starting points, this year's edition
of Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects is off to a great start.

As for a grade, I need to knock it down a tad for the WBC cards, but everything else is top drawer here