2009 Bowman Chrome

What I pulled--
Veteran Refractors – Alex Rios, Matt Holliday, Michael Young, Brett Myers, Scott Kazmir
World Baseball Classic Refractor – Kuo-Ching Kao (#121/500)
Prospect Xfractor – Ryan Kulik (#227/250)
World Baseball Classic Blue Refractor – Hisashi Iwakuma (#134/150)
Prospect Autograph Xfractor – Brad Emaus (#112/250)n

This year’s Bowman set proved to be a mixed bag – solid checklist, boring (maybe tired) design.
However, Bowman Chrome takes a nice step up.

Maybe it is the debut of some of the big rookie names in the game – Tommy Hanson, Gordon Beckham

and other who made a mid-season major league debut how hit the hobby with their “official” rookie cards,
although most have appeared in other sets as Prospect inserts. Maybe it is the usual assortment of
Refractors, that always add a little sizzle to Bowman, and that makes player collectors happy. Maybe it is
the next generation of World Baseball Classic cards, now in Chrome. Maybe it is the on-card autographs.

Whatever it is, there is something about Bowman Chrome that made me very happy. I didn’t get the best

auto in the set, but that is OK. I did notice a difference in the design of the base Xfractor and the
autographed Xfractor, so maybe that is the hook here. Maybe it it is because I noticed something in this set that, despite
opening it many times over the years, I never noticed before. Or maybe it is simply a new wrinkle that the folks at Topps have

Either way, I’m a fan. I’m not a prospector, so usually this set is one of those that I don’t go crazy for. But this year, for some
reason, I did……..