2009 Bowman

What I pulled--
Blue Parallels (#ed to 500) – Dan Haren, Derek Lowe
Orange Parallel (#ed to 250) – Brandon Webb
Refractor (#ed to 599) – Tyler Flowers
Blue Refractor (#rd to 150) – Jeremy Farrell)
Blue Refractor Autograph (#ed to 150) – Lance Lynn

The good
- As is the annual tradition, Bowman delivers black-framed base cards and tons of prospects
and debuts at a very affordable price. For box breakers and rookie collectors alike, this is a must-have
product every year. Colors and more colors abound in the parallels.
The bad - If you are not a prospector, there are a lot of names you won’t recognize. However, you should
know this going into buying Bowman, so I have no sympathy for you if that is the case. I would like to see a
few more parallels per box, however.
The rest - This year’s autograph list is solid. The rainbow chasers will be happy with how attractive this
year’s design is in the different colors.
The verdict - Another easy one. You know what you are getting when you buy Bowman every year, so I
don’t need to tell you much more.

The grade -