2009 Topps American Heritage

What I pulled--
2008 Election – John McCain (#132, #134, #141), Barack Obama (#129), Obama and McCain (#143, #146)
Chrome (#ed to 1776) – Patrick Henry, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Paine, Samuel Adams, Benjamin Latrobe, Thomas Nast,
Tony Pastor, John Calhoun, Robert Kennedy, Thurgood Marshall, Cesar Chavez, J.P. Morgan, Frank Woolworth, William Clark
Chrome Refractor – Martin Luther King Jr. (#12/76)
American Presidents – Gerald Ford, Andrew Jackson, Warren Harding, Andrew Johnson
American Celebrity – Rip Torn, Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh
American Originals Relic – Rudy Giuliani Yankee Stadium Seat
Presidential Letter Patch – Martin Van Buren “N” (#24/50)

Americana is one of the latest fads in trading cards, and Topps has decided to dive in with both feet.

Welcome Topps Heritage Americana to the landscape – a 150 card set that spans all facets of American
history, all delivered in trading card form. The set is broken down into categories, such as Writers,
Revolutionary Heroes and Inventors, with each subset printed on one of the classic Topps cards designs.
Entertainers, for example, is on my favorite design of all-time, the 1975 set, while Industrials is on the
1983 design, and so on. It is a simple concept presented in a way that will make building a set and, more
importantly, learning from these cards, very simple.

Of course, because a basic set is not enough, the last 25 cards (printed on the 1971 design) are
short-printed and highlight the 2008 Presidential Election. Beyond that, the Presidents inserts are on the
legendary 1952 design, with each of the 44 Presidents getting a card. There are other inserts, as well,
scattered throughout the box, and Chrome and Refractor parallels for those set builders looking for a little
extra challenge.

On top of all that, there are relics, autographs and cut autographs from many of the biggest names in pop
culture and Americana, although the autograph odds are fairly high. Additionally, Topps has created
manufactured Letter patches for all of the Presidents.

So, what do I make of this set? Well, here is what I’m going to do with my box, now that is broken. I’m
going to put all the cards together, close up the box, and place it in the closet. Then, when my
soon-to-be-born child is old enough, I am going to get it out and start using it as a learning tool for him/her. Much like
“Schoolhouse Rock” for my generation, this product could very well be an integral part of my child’s education.

And for that alone (not to mention this wonderful design concept), Topps gets high marks from me. I’m hoping for a Series 2, 3
and more, since this is a set that can be grown for years........................