2009-10 Bowman 48 Basketball

What I pulled--
Blue Parallels (#ed to 1948) – 22, including Kobe Bryant, Brandon Roy
Rookie Cards (#ed to 2009) – Terrence Williams, James Harden
Play Card (#ed to 1948) – #118
Autographs – Brandon Roy, Jerry West, Magic Johnson

The good:
Talk about going out with a bang. Forget about the boring base cards and repetitive parallels.
The autograph list is amazing, and Topps loads of their second-to-last basketball product with some
major names and hits.
The bad:
The base cards and parallels, as I said above, are boring. And the set is too small, resulting in
numerous duplicates in each box.
The rest:
Did we talk about the autographs yet? The three I pulled might not represent the average box,
but also show just how good the selection is, with all of them readily available.
The verdict:
Rarely will I say to just buy a box for the autographs. This is the exception, though. And if you
like the base cards, more power to you.
The grade: