2008 Topps Triple Threads

What I pulled--
Base Cards (#ed to 1350) - Jimmy Rollins, Jered Weaver, Albert Pujols
Brown Parallel - Pedro Martinez (#479/525)
Emerald Parallel - Bobby Jenks (#171/240)

Rising Stars Autographed Triple Relic - Ubaldo Jimenez jersey/bat/jersey (#11/99)

If I only had gotten the other pack in the box.

Listen, we all know what Triple Threads is all about. It is the thrill of the pull. The search for the

White Whale. The hope that you got the better hit of the box. In my case, well, I didn’t. But that does
not make this a bad product. The base cards and parallels are nice, of course, and all are
numbered, to dwindling print runs, depending on color. But it is that one card in the pack, that hit,
that is all anyone opening a pack of Triple Threads cares about.

Sure, my hit stunk, for lack of a better word. Ubaldo Jimenez? Nice potential, but a Rockies pitcher, which doesn’t usually spell
success. The other hit in this box must have been a sweet one – maybe a 1 of 1 White Whale. Or a triple autographed relic. Or
a fold out featuring six different players. Or a 24 swatch card of a big name in the sport. Etc., etc.

This product is most definitely not for everyone. If you can afford it and are willing to pull hits like mine, go for it. But if you are
faint of heart, you might want to stay away. Either way, if you get that big hit, you will have a cornerstone for your collection. And
any product that can give you that chance isn’t all bad…….