2008 Topps Stadium Club

What I pulled--
Base Parallels (#ed to 999) - Michael Aubrey, Daric Barton (two different), Alex Gordon, Eric Hurley, Elliot Johnson, Masahide
Kobayashi, Jed Lowrie, Justin Masterson (two different), Albert Pujols, Babe Ruth
1st Day Issue (#ed to 599) - Brian Barton, Johnny Cueto, Josh Hamilton, Felix Hernandez, Chipper Jones, Derrek Lee, Joe
Mauer, Jayson Nix, David Ortiz, Honus Wagner
Photographer’s Proof - Nick Adenhart (#84/99), Gregorio Petit (#51/99)
Gold Photographer’s Proof - Matt Holliday (#2/50), J.R. Towles (#43/50)
Ceremonial Cuts Photographer’s Proof - Ted Williams blue bunting (#75/99)
Rookie Autographs - Nick Adenhart, Josh Banks, Masahide Kobayashi, Justin Masterson, Jeff Niemann, Greg Smith, Eugenio
Rookie Autographs Photographer’s Proof - Eugenio Velez (#40/99)
Beam Team Autographs - Lastings Milledge, Brad Thompson, Delwyn Young
Beam Team Autographs Black and White - Jayson Nix (#96/99)
Triumvirate Autographed Triple Relic - David Ortiz (#68/99)

Stadium Club, one of the most venerable names in baseball card history, makes a return to the
hobby after a five-year hiatus, and it was well worth the wait.

Before premium brands were commonplace, Topps introduced Stadium Club to the hobby in

1991. With high-end photography that bled to the end of the cardboard and a glossy finish,
Stadium Club was one of the brands that revolutionized the hobby. After it became a routine brand
rather than something special, Topps retired it in 2003 before bringing it back this year as a
high-end, high-priced product. But, in the end, it is the same product it always was.

The first thing is the photography. It is gorgeous, with beautiful action shots of many of the biggest names

in the game, plus tons of young “rookies”. No one buys cards for the photography anymore, though, so
let’s get to the nuts and bolts of the product.

Carrying a price per pack of around $20, Stadium Club attempts to deliver the goods on that tag. Each

pack comes with an autographed card. The majority of them are “Rookie Card” autographs, featuring
players like Jay Bruce, Justin Masterson and Evan Longoria. The best part of these cards is that most, but
not all, are on-card autos, making collectors VERY happy. The other prevalent autograph insert set is the
old favorite Beam Team. This card has one of the coolest designs in a long time, with the cards coming on
an acetate-styled card with colorful stained glass window backgrounds. From there, if you are lucky, you’ll
possibly pull a Triumvirate card, with an autograph one of today’s stars and three jersey pieces. And,
above and beyond the autographs, each box comes with one relic card, coming from Yankee Stadium –
either bunting, outfield wall or some other piece of the Stadium that can get cut up. Not to be outdone,
there are plenty of parallels, across all of the different sets, just to add a little more value.

So, is Stadium Club worth it? It really depends on why you collect. If you are looking to break a box and sell

each card, then, no, it probably is not. Even with two pretty big hits (the Ortiz and Williams), it is unlikely I
would be able to make my money back. Fortunately, that is not why I collect cards. I look for visually striking
cards, cool inserts and good autographs and relic cards. This product has all of this, and plenty of them.
The base cards are possibly the most attractive of the season, and the list of cool cards I pulled is long
and impressive.

This is one that isn’t for everyone. If you are a collector like me, though, and are lucky enough to afford some, go get it. It is well
worth it…….