2008 Topps Retail Set

I’ve got mine, and I’m putting it away for safe keeping.

The Topps boxed sets are on shelves, and it is never a bad idea to pick one up and throw it in the closet, then come back in a
few years. It is what it is…a full 660-card base set of 2008 cards. Nothing more needs to be said than that. Of course, Topps
loves adding in a little ebonus and, depending on where you get your set, you should be pretty happy with what you get. Mine is
a Target set, which comes with a Mickey Mantle relic right on top of the box. These pieces are usually from a piece of clothing
from The Mick’s closet, but who cares? It is Mickey Mantle, one of the legends of the game. Anything like that is aces in my

Go get your set. It is a piece of history and a basic staple of the collecting world. And then, before you even break the seal, just
put it away. You’ll thank me in ten years........................