2008 Topps Heritage High Number Series

What I pulled--

Inserts and Parallels:
Chrome Parallels (#ed to 1959) – Joe Saunders, Jonny Gomes, Andy Sonnanstine, Mike Pelfrey, Max Scherzer Rookie Star,
Geovany Soto, Jess Litsch, Alexi Casilla, Brandon Lyon
Chrome Refractor – Ben Francisco (#339/559)
Then and Now – Luis Aparicio/Orlando Cabrera, Larry Sherry/Mike Lowell, Bob Allison/Dustin Pedroia
Rookie Performers – Clayton Kershaw, Carlos Gonzalez
Flashbacks – Mark Teixeira, Josh Hamilton
1959 Original Buyback Boxtopper – Hector Lopez
Advertising Panel Boxtopper – Eveland/Sweeney/Pelfrey
Clubhouse Collection Relic – Steve Pearce black jersey

Topps has brought the Update set concept to its wildly popular Heritage series. My
question is this…why?

I’m not quite sure the market needs yet another update set. The idea of creating the

feel of old-time sets, with multiple series, notwithstanding, given the limits on the
number of sets each company can produce, this spot might have been better
reserved for something new and fresh.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Heritage sets. And there is absolutely nothing wrong

with this set…if it was the first one. Six Heritage cards, two regular Topps cards, and
other bells and whistles make up a box that is a nice value for collectors. Each box
comes with an auto or relic (judging from my Steve Pearce relic, though, don’t expect a bank-breaker), and I really do love
pulling an authentic buyback. There is plenty of chrome and the old-fashioned looking inserts of the main set are back, too. So
there are definite reasons to buy a box if you are so inclined.

That is what it comes down to, though. Are you up for another Update set? If so, you will be very happy........................