2008 Topps Heritage

What I pulled--

Inserts and Parallels:
Chrome Parallel (#ed to 1959) - Erik Bedard, Billy Butler, Carlos Delgado, Chris Young
Chrome Refractor (#ed to 559) - Rich Harden
Flashback - Ernie Banks, Mickey Mantle
News Flashback - Hawaii, Mercury Program
New Age Performers - Alex Rodriguez, Ichiro
Then and Now - Luis Aparicio/Jose Reyes, Early Wynn/Josh Beckett
1959 Three-Card Advertising Panel Boxtopper - Carlos Ruiz/Nick Swisher/Kevin Hart
1959 Buyback Boxtopper - Steve Boros
Clubhouse Collection Relic - Garret Anderson white jersey

One of my absolute favorite of all of Topps' brands has hit the stands for 2008.

Topps Heritage returns for the eighth year and, continuing a sequence that began in 2001, this year pays
tribute to the legendary 1959 Topps set. And boy, does Topps nail it.

The 1959 set is one of the more distinctive in Topps' distinguished history, featuring lower case letters for
the player names and all player photos appearing in a circle in the middle of the card. And, as Topps has
always done with Heritage, painstaking measures were taken to copy every detail of the set. What does
that mean? Black back parallels, occasionally blurry photos (are we really sure that is Hideki Okajima?)
and more highlight an amazing look back in time.

We can talk about all of the inserts and the chrome parallels, but those are gravy. So are the autographs
and relics, which fall a combined one per box. A box of Heritage is not about any of that.

It IS about things like the Buyback Boxtopper, which pops up once in every two boxes. But more
importantly, it IS about set building and chasing the short prints and variations that make this product a
completionists dreams. It IS about a trip back in time to experience the cards our fathers (or grandfathers)

And it IS an easy grade to hand out........................