2008 Topps Allen and Ginter

What I pulled--

Inserts and Parallels:
Basic Minis - 13
Allen and Ginter Back Minis - Billy Butler, David Eckstein, Mark Ellis, Geoff Jenkins, Albert Pujols, Jose Valverde
Black Framed Minis - Albert Einstein, Tim Wakefield
World Leaders - Mongolia, Norway
Sharks - Great White Shark
World’s Greatest Victories - Team Orange
N43 Boxtopper - Hanley Ramirez

Framed Relics - Michael Young white jersey, Allen Fisher black swatch

For its entire run on the card market, Topps Allen and Ginter has been a leading contender for best
product in the hobby, if not simply THE best. And for the third straight year, it looks like Topps has
done it again.

This is the kind of product that makes hobbyists drool. Starting with the killer retro-looking base

cards, moving on to a checklist that includes current stars, legendary non-sports figures and
iconic pieces of Americana, and wrapping up with a wonderful array of minis, inserts and relics,
Allen and Ginter simply is amazing.

We all know at this point about the regular pieces of the set: the checklist, the minis and the variations of

the minis. As usual, all are here and all are sparkling. From there, we move to the checklist of relic and
autograph cards. Besides the usual selection of current stars, there are tons on non-baseball athletes and
non-sports subjects on the list (see my relic of arm wrestling champ Allen Fisher as an example). The
mini subjects this year focus on world leaders and, yes, sharks, among others. A new wrinkle this year is
the set of Codebreaker cards, which will lead to, ultimately, someone breaking the code and being
included in 2009 Allen and Ginter (how would you like to be THAT collector). And, of course, let’s not forget
about the bread and butter of the set, the Rip Cards. I was lucky to pull one last year, and still can’t forget
the thrill of ripping it open to find my treasure inside. There are still more hidden gems throughout boxes of Allen and Ginter,
but I think you get the point by now.

Do you want one of the great box breaking experiences in the hobby? If so, Allen and Ginter is for you. It is that simple…….