2008 Topps Series 2

What I pulled--
Gold Foil Parallel – 19
Gold Parallel (#ed to 2008) – Jeremy Accardo, Brian Bass, Lance Berkman, Ben Broussard, Mazuo Matsui, Pat Neshek, Aaron
Rowand, Pujols/Fielder Combo
Black Parallel – Rickie Weeks (#7/57)
Trading Card History – Robinson Cano (no name on front), Felix Hernandez, Phil Hughes, Hiroki Kuroda, Justin Morneau,
Chris Young, Carlos Zambrano
Mickey Mantle History – 57, 58, 62
Topps Stars – Josh Beckett, Victor Martinez, Jimmy Rollins, C.C. Sabathia, Ichiro
Year In Review – Erik Bedard, Pedro Feliz, Ryan Raburn, Kevin Youkilis, Chris Young
50th Anniversary All-Rookie Team – Daniel Cabrera, Adam Kennedy, James Loney, Russ Martin, Jay Payton, Ramon
Santiago, Craig Wilson
Campaign – 1796, 1824, 1868, 1916, 1936, 1944, 2000
Red Hot Rookie Redemption – 8, 12
2007 Highlights Relic – Ryan Howard white jersey with red pinstripe

Ho hum. Another base product from Topps, another pitch smacked out of the park.

There really is not much to add to my review of Topps Series 1 from back in February, so I’ll keep this fairly

short. Base cards? Check. Inserts? Check. Extra value? Double check.

OK. Maybe not that short, because some of the inserts are worth mentioning, and the extra value is

definitely worth touching on. My favorite insert of all-time, Trading Card History, returns, with current players
on classic Topps designs. Note to Topps: Do this EVERY year, please! I cannot get enough of these, and,
for the first time, might go out of my way to try and complete the set. Other inserts? Rookie Team History is
back, with as many no-names as stars (Ramon Santiago made the All-Rookie Team?), which actually is
kind of fun to look at. There are Mickey Mantle cards, Topps staple Topps Stars, a new take on the
Campaign cards from Series 1, and more.

Extra Value? For the first time, Topps has included a relic or autograph in every box, not just the

Jumbo boxes. Now, base card collectors and, even more importantly, kids, have a real chance of
getting that exciting hit in a base product. Kudos to Topps for this improvement. One other piece of
value in my box – a black framed parallel. These annual low-numbered parallels are beautiful this
year, and are a huge favorite of collectors every year. Topps also introduces the Red Hot Rookie
program in Series 2, with redemption cards in each box for special cards of the year’s biggest

That might have been a little longer than originally predicted, but when you are so enamored with a product, it is fun to write
about it. It is even more fun to give it a grade........................