2008 Topps Triple Threads Football

What I pulled--
Base Cards and Parallels – Brett Favre (#113/779), Chris Chambers (#65/779), Chris Cooley (#128/779), Brandon Jacobs
(#65/249), Ray Lewis (#26/99)

Triple Relic – Clinton Portis maroon jersey/Willis McGahee white jersey/Edgerrin James two color patch (#2/6)

In the high-end pack market, few products approach Triple Threads.

The formula is simple. Five base or parallels cards and one huge hit in each pack. The price tag

isn’t for everyone, but the hits are usually worth it. Amazing player combinations, beautiful patches
and awesome autographs abound. The hits are low numbered, making the card feel even more
special. I’ve had a nice amount of luck with the football product (baseball and basketball, however,
not so much), and this year is no different with the pack I opened. Miami RBs are huge fan
favorites, so a card of three of the most recent (and successful) numbered to just 6, with one
swatch being a patch, is a very neat pull. As is the norm, there are two packs per box, with 1 of 1 cards a realistic pull.

I have always loved Triple Threads. After this pack, there is no reason for my opinion to change........................