2008 Bowman Sterling Football

What I pulled--
Pack 1:
Base Cards – Charles Godfrey, Arman Shields
Jersey Refractor – Willis McGahee black (#154/199)
Rookie Jersey Gold Refractor – Jake Long teal (#8/25)
Rookie Auto Jersey Refractor – Donnie Avery blue (#59/199)

Pack 2:
Base Cards – Sedrick Ellis, Curtis Lofton
Jersey Blue Parallel – Braylon Edwards white (#319/349)
Rookie Jersey Green Parallel – Chris Johnson blue (#124/249)
Rookie Autograph – Keenan Burton

Pack 3:
Base Cards – Josh Morgan, Shawn Crable
Jersey Card - Drew Brees black #183/389)
Rookie Jersey Card – Mario Manningham blue (#344/569)
Rookie Gold Autograph – Ryan Torain (#608/1050)

Pack 4:
Base Cards – Terrell Thomas, Martellus Bennett
Jersey Card – Frank Gore blue (#224/389)
Rookie Jersey Card - Devin Thomas maroon (#12/569)
Rookie Autograph – Josh Johnson

Pack 5:
Base Card – Thomas Brown
Base Refractor – Xavier Omon (#136/199)
Jersey Blue Parallel –Edgerrin James red (#17/349)
Rookie Jersey Blue Parallel - Darren McFadden black (#39/399)
Rookie Autograph – Kenny Phillips redemption

Pack 6:
Base Card – Andre Fluellen
Rookie Jersey Card – Malcolm Kelly oversized red with white stripe (#167/309)
Jersey Gold Parallel – Tony Romo white with blue and black stripes (#21/25)
Rookie Auto Jersey – Jamaal Charles red
Rookie Auto Jersey Gold Parallel – Donnie Avery redemption

Bowman Sterling is annually one of Topps’ most anticipated releases across all three sports.

If you like rookie cards and lots of autographs and relics, all on chrome stock cards, h
ere is your
product. A five card pack will set you back around $40, but at six packs per box, picking up some of
this will give you some hits to make it worth your money.

Let’s start with the base cards, featuring the rookie class of 2008. Of
course, there are Refractors
as well, to make the chase for guys like Darren McFadden that much more fun. From there, it is all
relics and/or jerseys. One veteran relic per pack, one rookie autograph and one rookie relic (or some
variation, given the combo cards and Refractors) make up the rest of each pack, with Topps promising
eight autos per box. It is a pretty easy statement to make when I say that you’ll get plenty of hits here to
make the break a ton of fun.

Down side? There are more redemptions here than usual, and no one likes redemptions. I even got a

redemption for an auto of a guy that I got another auto of later in the box, but the second one didn’t have the
redemption. What’s up with that, Topps? Two redemptions, plus one too few autos (Topps is remedying
that, however – check out the News section for details) can leave an empty feeling with a product at this
price level.

There is a reason people go crazy over Bowman Sterling. The price makes it a gamble, but if you hit the right combination of
cards, you’ll be giving this high marks. Me? I was a little underwhelmed. Not terrible, but not amazing, either........................