2008 Topps Letterman Football

What I pulled--
Base Cards (#ed to 949) – Laurence Maroney, Vince Young
Rookie Refractor – Dustin Keller (#94/99)
Autographed Rookie Patch – Jacob Hester 22 (#24/75)

High-end products like Letterman will either leave a collector very happy or very disappointed. I was
overjoyed when I opened Letterman Basketball. This time around, well…

Letterman Football packs four cards into each mini-box pack, with three packs per box. As with Basketball,

I cracked one pack, and hopefully the person that cracked the other two got the gems in the box. The
concept is simple – each pack comes with a big hit, be it a letterman card, a patch cards or an
autographed patch. There are also three other, numbered cards in each pack, with one being a rookie.

Obviously, the allure of the product is the big hit. I got a great one in Basketball (a Baron Davis

autographed Letterman booklet that spells his last name), but this time, I wasn’t so lucky. The 22 patch is
manufactured (as are the letters) and the auto, unlike in Basketball, is a sticker. I don’t know about you, but
a sticker auto across a patch (see picture to the right) just doesn’t work for me. I’m sorry – I’ll always
understand the reason for stickers, but will never agree with them being in a high-end product, especially
with this kind of placement. Heck, the sticker’s upper left corner isn’t even stuck to the patch, making it
easy pickings for someone to remove without any damage.

I have a feeling my review would be better if the big hit was better. However, that sticker really leaves a bad

taste in my mouth. For a product with a pack price around $60, it really shouldn’t be that way........