2008 Topps Kickoff Football

What I pulled--
Kickoff Parallels (#ed to 1349) – 36, including Brett Favre, Adrian Peterson, Peyton Manning
Puzzle Pieces – 12
Tattoo – Oakland Raiders
Stars of the Game – Steven Jackson, LaDainian Tomlinson, Adrian Peterson, Frank Gore, Willis McGahee, Willie Parker
Kickoff Autograph – Matt Ryan

Add training wheels to your base football set and you get Kickoff. That is what this is:
card collecting 101.

Minimal inserts, basic parallels and, if you get very lucky, an autograph, make this
the perfect set for young collectors out there. If you are familiar with Topps Opening
Day, you’ll see all of the same things here. The base set, pared down and with fewer
bells and whistles. It means a lower price point, which makes it affordable for the
younger set out there, and that is what gets this hobby we all know and love
accessible to the future collectors.

As for the actual cards, they are nice and basic. There is a team logo tattoo in each
box and some very attractive Stars of the Game inserts. And yes, the autographs are out there, but rare (even a blind squirrel
finds a nut once in a while, eh?).

But this is about the basics of collecting. And for that reason alone, Topps Kickoff gets a nice grade........................