2008 Topps Finest Football

What I pulled--
Rookie Refractor – Andre Caldwell (#479/699)
Blue Refractors – Tom Brady, DeMarcus Ware, Jason Witten
Green Refractor – Ben Roethlisberger (#95/299)
Finest Moments – Derek Anderson
Finest Moments Refractor – Mike Hart
Finest Moments Black Refractor – John David Booty (#12/99)

Rookie Autograph – Matt Forte

Readers of my reviews are well aware of my affinity for Finest. The Chrome technology, the cutting edge
designs, the numerous parallels, the autographs.

So why am I a little disappointed this time around?

I din’t open a full box this year, so that might be the main reason, but, to be honest, I think it goes to one of
the basic tenets of this set, one which I mentioned above. I just didn’t like the design this year.

There is nothing wrong with Finest at all. I just was underwhelmed by the look of this year’s card. It is a bit
busy and cluttered for my tastes. But there’s the rub. That is me. This could be a very popular design, and I
would have no issues with it. That is what makes this hobby so great – different strokes for different folks.
Everything else about my mini-box was top-notch. I got my fill of Refractors. I really like the Finest Moments
design. And I got an autograph of an early candidate for NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year in Matt Forte. As
a whole, I have nothing to complain about.

The specs for Finest are pretty consistent across Finest in all sports. Six packs per mini-box, three mini-
boxes per master box. The granddaddy of all premium products still carries a nice whallop as far as value
in a box is concerned. Maybe I’m nitpicking with the design, because this really is a nice product to open

No grade this time around, since I didn’t open at least half of a box. But this is certainly a product worth
checking out........................